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sharing pics

hi there, my fellow Pink Floyd fangirls.
I'm not sure what to say. I just want to share some pictures in facebook. I met some cool people on Pink Floyd fanpage. The fanpage got too big, I guess, and got too many spams. So, some real active members invited me to their new group.
We share pictures, videos, and some stories of watching Pink Floyd live. I kinda hate the last one =_=  and there's not much fangirling part, except for one woman who met David in 1980s. She said she kissed David Gilmour back then. I kinda hate this story too. LOL

ok. here are some pictures I've found there...

^ I think this girl is David Gilmour :P

everybody loves David Gilmour


^ what a persistent girl.

^  no comment. *_*

^ of course he loves David

^ but David is Rick's

I keep trying to steal him, though


it's Roger festival...


^ i wonder what pisses them off

oh it's back to David festival again. =_=

now's time for family picture

and some cute fanarts

hope you enjoy the pics ^_^

and I made some unworthy icons here -->
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