when~llamas~take~flight (lovethehippies) wrote in pinkfloyd_pics,


So I haven't posted here in a billion years (yeah. a billion. no jokes.) SOOOOO I have some pictures!
Its really hard to find new pictures of the floyd but I tried to get some rare ones.   


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I approve of this spam! There are a few in there I hadn't seen! :O And I don't mind having an excuse to look at old ones again- that's for sure!
Yay! All Floyd pictures are awesome...old and new :)
the ricky and david pictures are excellent!!
Wicked pictures! Thanks!
Thanks! I just noticed now that there's a hell of a lot of David here XD
No problem :)
Mmm, such nice pics. It feels impossible to ever get tired of seeing these guys. :D They're too wonderful... Thanks. :)
Also, from reading one of your older posts some time ago I got a vague feeling we share a country. But correct me if I'm wrong :)
Thank you! :)
I know right? I love to look through my pink floyd books just staring at pics that I've seen a million times.....is that creepy? Yeah maybe a bit.
Hah, and I find myself looking through / rearranging my pic folders a bit too much, to say the least. It's... okay, I guess... :D The blame's all theirs, for being, and LOOKING, this fascinating.
Oh, I was mistaken then, sorry. :) Don't know where I got the thought that you were from Russia like me. Not that it matters at all :)
hahaa its Davids fault for being so sexy XD
Hm..Canada, Russia...same thing really! Both big and cold :)
Oh the big picture of Rick is so mesmerizing! But they are all gorgeous, thanks so much sharing this selection with us!
No problem! Yeah that pic is pretty :)
cool pic spam. thanks for uploading them.
and yes, you've been away for billion years. you should bring more pictures ;)

in pic #4 David looks like having hemorrhoid, and Roger plays a joke about it. :p

Yeah I want to post more but its so hard to find rare pics of the floyd! Its like their afraid of getting their picture taken! I mean honestly! Ugh.
But yeah thanks :D

#4? Pfft. Yeah I can imagine Roger making fun of Davie if he was sick XD