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A Pillow of Winds [entries|friends|calendar]
Pink Floyd Pictures & Graphics

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(is me.)

Happy Birthday Gilmour! [06 Mar 2014|10:53am]
Today is D-Gil's 68th birthday! I don't if this counts but I'm posting a video of D-Gil's performance at the Fender Strat's 50th birthday!


(is me.)

Happy 40th Anniversary of "Meddle"! [28 Oct 2011|11:12am]
Happy 40th anniversary of "Meddle"--the day before Halloween!

Cover Art http://60s-70s-80s.com/store/images/Pink-Floyd-Meddle-1.JPG

Here is a full version of "Echoes" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGwPSPIhohk

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Hello Thar! [05 Sep 2011|07:27pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Name? Nikki
Age? 16

How long have you been a Pink Floyd fan? I've listened to them my whole life but I wasn't obsessed until about three months ago!

Favorite Pink Floyd album? Wish You Were Here, Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall

Favorite Pink Floyd song(s)? Breathe, Don't Leave Me Now, Echoes Part I and II, Another Brick In the Wall Part II

Favorite picture(s) of Pink Floyd? Pretty much any with Roger in them! He's my fave!

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[04 Sep 2011|10:01pm]


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sharing pics [08 Apr 2011|09:50pm]


hi there, my fellow Pink Floyd fangirls.
I'm not sure what to say. I just want to share some pictures in facebook. I met some cool people on Pink Floyd fanpage. The fanpage got too big, I guess, and got too many spams. So, some real active members invited me to their new group.
We share pictures, videos, and some stories of watching Pink Floyd live. I kinda hate the last one =_=  and there's not much fangirling part, except for one woman who met David in 1980s. She said she kissed David Gilmour back then. I kinda hate this story too. LOL

ok. here are some pictures I've found there...

Read more...Collapse )

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Sexy... [08 Mar 2011|01:16am]

...sexy David! Behold

Excuse me for posting a fairly recent, but cropped picture, but i just couldn't resist! And besides David's just too sexy here so there's no way of posting this pic too often *grin* or any DG pic for that matter ;p

Also does anybody know if there's a version of this picture without the annoying circles and stuff?

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Hi there fellow Floydians :) [07 Mar 2011|11:10pm]

Name? Elin
Age? Old enough but still young :P
How long have you been a Pink Floyd fan? A casual fan for about 4-5 years but an obsessive fan for about a year now
Favorite Pink Floyd album? Don't make me choose between Dark Side Of The Moon, Meddle or A Saucerful Of Secrets. Aw damn, it's Dark Side ;)
Favorite Pink Floyd song(s)? Green Is The Colour, Embryo, Echoes, Cymbaline, Shine On You Crazy Diamond are just a few
Favorite picture(s) of Pink Floyd? Particularly pictures of sexxy young David Gilmour <3 and pics of the band in Pompeii era
but I'm especially fond of this picture, the colours are absolutely gorgeous! And it's lulz for Rogers... cape? haha XD

Ps. I'm such a n00b to this Livejournal thing haha! So I wanted to make a 'LJ cut' and post another picture and tried this <lj-cut text"Optional text here"> as it says in FAQ but it doesn't work. Can somebody help me? =)

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Happy Birthday Gilmour 2011 [04 Mar 2011|10:30am]
On Sunday Gilmour will be 65 so I'm posting this video someone posted on Youtube!


A video is ok, right?

(is me.)

Pink Floyd Icons [28 Jan 2011|10:46pm]

Pink Floyd

please click here for all the icons at konfiserie

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On a trip to cirrus minor.... [20 Jan 2011|08:01pm]

[ mood | comfortably numb ]


And I brought some pics! 
Not incredibly rare or anything....just some Pink Floyd to brighten your day :D    
 Saw a crater in the sun, a thousand miles of moonlight later....Collapse )

(is me.)

New Pink Floyd Community [15 Jan 2011|10:23pm]

Hello, I have started a new fanfiction community dedicated to the members of Floyd floydfanfics If anyone here loves to write, you are more than welcome to join!

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FLOYYYD PICS! [19 Nov 2010|10:30pm]

[ mood | comfortably numb ]

So I haven't posted here in a billion years (yeah. a billion. no jokes.) SOOOOO I have some pictures!
Its really hard to find new pictures of the floyd but I tried to get some rare ones.   
Over here! Collapse )

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Very comfortably ... [15 Nov 2010|10:15pm]

A picture that just made my day and that could produce the same salutary effect on some of you^^

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fanarts and icons (and Davids) [23 Sep 2010|02:21am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

do we run out of Pink Floyd pics?
well then, let's see some interesting fanarts about Pink Floyd.

fanarts and photos Collapse )

now I want to show some icons I've made. yes, they're crappy. but let me be proud of them for a while :D

not so tempting teasers:

syd_  rogsmiles  pf1  rogerkb

not tempted? I knew it. LOL.
you can see the rest here at my journal.

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Did Rick Use This Piano? [15 Sep 2010|10:37am]
Today is the 2nd anniversary of Rick's death and I'm wondering if Rick used this type of electric piano:


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a little spam :) [06 Sep 2010|05:50pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Its a special day....

Some pics in honor of Roger's birthday! 
Found some of these at Last fm.

Read more...Collapse )


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I'm bored [26 Aug 2010|11:03pm]


I'm bored of writing essay, so I choose to procrastinate with photoshop.

we're pink


but I have decent photos ...Collapse )

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Pictures! [24 Aug 2010|06:27pm]

[ mood | meh ]

HERE! Collapse )

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another newbie :D [22 Aug 2010|01:56am]


hi, I'm newbie but I commented here and there... and I'll be very happy if you add me. ^_^

Name? Ida
Age? old enough to be rabid fangirl, young enough to miss young Floyd's hotness back then
How long have you been a Pink Floyd fan? very long
Favourite Pink Floyd album? Animals, Wish You Were Here, Darkside of the Moon
Favourite Pink Floyd songs? too many
Favourite pictures of Pink Floyd? don't force me to choose. they're too many...

some Rick and Syd pics...Collapse )

(15 know what I see + is me.)

[13 Aug 2010|04:29pm]

[ mood | determined ]

more pink floyd pics, lots of david :D

here ya go!!Collapse )

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