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A Pillow of Winds

Pink Floyd Pictures & Graphics
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Rule 1: Be nice. Or else.

Rule 2: See this picture?

This is a very decently sized picture that doesn't need to go behind a cut, unless you have more than one. It can be a little bigger, a little smaller, yadda, yadda. You get the gist of it. You might have the mightiest modem in the world, but let's think of the dial-up users who don't want their computers to crash and burn.

Rule 3: There must always be at least one picture of Pink Floyd or a member from Pink Floyd in every post you make in this community, or it will be deleted.

Here's a survey you can do once you join up. You don't HAVE to do it, but it'd be fun if you did...

How long have you been a Pink Floyd fan?
Favorite Pink Floyd album?
Favorite Pink Floyd song(s)?
Favorite picture(s) of Pink Floyd?

Once you join up, it would be greatly appreciated if you would promote the community somewhere; in your userinfo, in your journal (public entry, none of this Friends Only stuff), etc. Here are some promo banners:


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