liveinpompeii (liveinpompeii) wrote in pinkfloyd_pics,

Hi there fellow Floydians :)

Name? Elin
Age? Old enough but still young :P
How long have you been a Pink Floyd fan? A casual fan for about 4-5 years but an obsessive fan for about a year now
Favorite Pink Floyd album? Don't make me choose between Dark Side Of The Moon, Meddle or A Saucerful Of Secrets. Aw damn, it's Dark Side ;)
Favorite Pink Floyd song(s)? Green Is The Colour, Embryo, Echoes, Cymbaline, Shine On You Crazy Diamond are just a few
Favorite picture(s) of Pink Floyd? Particularly pictures of sexxy young David Gilmour <3 and pics of the band in Pompeii era
but I'm especially fond of this picture, the colours are absolutely gorgeous! And it's lulz for Rogers... cape? haha XD

Ps. I'm such a n00b to this Livejournal thing haha! So I wanted to make a 'LJ cut' and post another picture and tried this <lj-cut text"Optional text here"> as it says in FAQ but it doesn't work. Can somebody help me? =)
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