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Short shorts! :D

Uncomfortably short hair


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I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love the roger with the ?french fry? and the tennis pictures
where did you get them!!! there awesome :)
Yeah I have no idea what he's doing the french fry....its cute though :)

I just grabbed a whole bunch of pictures from my computer that I've collected over about a year.

Glad you like them!
oh wait..i think its a potato chip..?
doesnt matter yes it is cute :D

you always have awesome floyd pictures :)
and david has a cute tummy *giggle*
i knoww, all tanned and sexy and the nipples are killing me! :P

Deleted comment

ohhh my guuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
David is so gorgey, and i would totally wear all his clothes back in the 70s
Thanks for the awesome post!
Uggghhhhh I know!!
Yeah I wish i couldve been alive in the 70's...just for the music and the cool clothes!
Nick and Rog can't let Rick go (pic #25) and why do I think that Dave's hand is on Rick's butt?

David played sax? <3

beautiful pics of Rick are AWWW~... he's always a cute one
maybe because of other people doing it? http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/_/7913803/Led+Zeppelin+1191276543_f.jpg naughty jonsey!!! :D

rick is so adorable...idk why, but he reminds me of a rabbit...
Jonsey is ... LOLOLOLOLOL. but it looks like it's "business as usual" for Robert ;D

Rick is adorable rabbit :)

Nick: Don't go, Rick
Roger: We will hunt you if you leave
Dave: (one hand on Rick's butt) Right. We'll hunt you and I'll do more than this to you

:) oh jonsey...
if rick was a animal he wouldve been a rabbit...
roger would be a horse..
nick would be a beaver (how did i get that?!?!)

oh david.. naughty :)
haha!! poor kitty rick! now that i see that...hm....rick is maybe i bit more cat-like that rabbit-like... :)
LOL! Oh Jonsey...:)
naughty naughty jonseys! haha the clothes in that picture are so ugly...
Hahaa! Zeppelin's fasion sense was......unique. :)


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That picture always makes me laugh! Its a nice one of Syd to.
Rick is so adorable I can hardly stand it. :)

PS:Grease icon for the win!!
yeah. I wish I could wrap Rick and bring him home :)

That's Dick Parry :-)
*take closer look*
oh, you're right.

p.s: can't take my eyes off your icon <3
Tx, David = droolfest :-)

This totally made my day!!!
What a lurrrvly set of pics! Some of them I've never seen before.

Thanks....and....you can do that again, if you like ;-)
Thank you! Really glad you liked them!
Do you have more sexy (especially David) PF pics? *begging on knees*